Grasping God’s Glory

Infinity is a concept hard to grasp, but even harder is grasping the glory of an infinite God. When the day comes, standing redeemed in God’s presence, He will be better than we ever imagined, yet that will only be the start. Limits don’t apply to Him. Though our joy in Him will be full, the next day there will be more. Though we’ll see Him as the most glorious thing in the universe, every moment of eternity will prove Him more glorious. 

This is why it’s a difficult thing to try wrapping your mind around the glory of God, yet nothing is more enjoyable. You can spend years diving into the wonders of His glory and find you have a whole other ocean filled with His treasure to explore. His glory is something so great that no amount of time can fully unravel it and so marvelous that no amount of words can fully describe it.

I think of His glory when I see a sunrise. I’ve always enjoyed them (when I’m able to wake up in time), but still there are mornings when I look up and think back to days when I’ve seen better. Imagine, though, if every morning the sunrise looked better than the last? What would it look like a million years from now and then a billion years after that? This is the sense in which God’s glory will be revealed to His children in heaven. Every moment God will exceed our highest expectation and previous experience.

Even in our glorified bodies, with a fuller knowledge and increased imagination, still we will not be able to think up any idea of God that is greater than what is true of Him. Nothing can be realized about God that is greater than the reality of Him. This is the glory of the infinite God.

We should not settle for shallow thoughts about Him. Nothing can shape and satisfy us more than His glory. Though it is impossible to grasp the magnitude of His glory, it is a privilege to experience whatever measure we can comprehend. Thankfully, Christ has torn down the veil and the Spirit opens our eyes so we can see the Holy One.

With this opportunity available to you, by His grace and through His Word, everyday seek to see more of His glory. After all, that is heaven.


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