Liquidating My Library (Round 2)

Here is a list of books that I’m open to getting rid of/selling. I still think 95% of them are good or great; I just prefer to have more of a digital library instead. Some of my favorite books I’ll be getting on kindle so I can continue to access them, and some of the others I’m just sticking with the notes I’ve taken on my computer while reading them. Let me know which ones you’re interested in and I’ll shoot you a cost based off a fraction of the amazon price (either $3, $5, or $8). I’m not opposed to shipping some of these to friends and family, but I’d rather just make these available to pick up from my house or BJU if possible. (And for those who have already requested books, I set aside your stack in my office at school; your books aren’t pictured here.)

Take a look and let me know preferably on my Facebook post so the requests can all be seen in one place. I hope this is a blessing to you!

Sorry that the stacks aren’t as organized as the first round through this. You guys bought about half the books, and my brother added in many of his books as well. After all those adjustments, I didn’t have it in me to organize them again. 

Anyways, here are the updated stacks. 

FYI… I’ve held back some solid books that I want to reserve for book giveaways. Just something to raise awareness for those that are interested in reading my posts. But you can go ahead and subscribe if you want to make sure to be notified 🙂

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