Liquidating My Library

Here’s a list of books that I’m open to getting rid of/selling. I think 95% of them are good or great; I just prefer to have more of a digital library instead. Let me know which ones you’re interested in and I’ll shoot you a cost by taking 75% off the amazon price. I’m not opposed to shipping some of these to friends and family, but I’d rather just make these available to pick up from my house or Bob Jones University if possible.

Take a look and let me know, preferably on my Facebook post so the requests can all be seen in one place. I hope this is a blessing to you!

Church Ministry & Prayer (L)
Missions & Discipleship (R)

Here’s a list of some of the small books that are difficult to see at the top of the left stack: A Call to Prayer, J.C. Ryle (multiple copies); The Art of Turning, Kevin DeYoung; Killing Sin Habits, Stuart Scott; multiple mini-books by HarvestUSA on sex and sexuality; and multiple books from Stuart Scott: Anger, Anxiety, and Fear; Communication and Conflict Resolution; From Pride to Humility (multiple copies). Also, not pictured is 9Marks book on prayer.

General Christian Books

I’m noticing a few more books that I’m not willing to sell. I’ll let you know if you happen to choose one of those books 🙂

Commentaries (L)
Leadership & Stuff (R)

This is where my organization went downhill.

Delayed Books (L)
Free Books (R)

These two short stacks were off to the side because I either just got them or I had already purged them from my library. I’ve read about 90% of my books, but if you choose one I haven’t read yet (like the ones in the left stack), I may be slow in getting it to you because I’ll want to make it through the book first. But the right stack is free.

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