Why Fearing God is Essential to Wisdom

Imagine two men are stranded in the middle of the desert. They come across a sign that consists of an arrow with the word “water” engraved into it. One man decides to spend all his time studying the sign; the other man, after examining the sign, decides to walk the direction it is pointing.

One man may know more about the details of the sign, but who is wiser? The wiser man is not the one who simply studies and admires the physical components of the arrow but is the one more concerned with where the arrow is pointing. It doesn’t matter how much you know about the arrow; if you don’t know where it’s pointing, you’ve missed the point.

Likewise, wisdom in any area of study is not ultimately found in the depth of knowledge gained in that field but in the ability to discover the ultimate point of that information. In astrology, more important than the number of stars in the sky is the reason why they were placed there. Without the latter, you’ll miss the proper framework and true significance of any knowledge gained. Additionally, you’ll not only miss the ultimate reason for the information, but you’ll miss the opportunity to respond correctly to information you receive. You’ll simply look at the sign and miss the chance to discover and drink the water the sign is pointing towards.

The universe is filled with signs that are supposed to point us to God, giving us the opportunity to respond in wonder and worship towards the One who is the source of everything good and true, evoking a spirit of humility as we see our proper place under the infinite God of the universe.

Mountains aren’t there just so you can admire the mountains; mountains were made so you can be in awe of their Creator. Likewise, truth doesn’t just help you navigate life; it is suppose to direct you to the Author of truth and life. Any pursuit is misled if it doesn’t lead you to God. God is the source and purpose for everything in existence. To continually reference and reverence God throughout the day is to live the way you were intended to live.

This is why the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Someone who fears God has their eyes fixed on God, and as their eyes are fixed on God they begin to see everything else in it’s proper place.

I encourage you to look beyond what’s right in front of you and worship the God that’s behind everything.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and leads to life (Proverbs 9:10, 19:23).


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